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At Align Farms they believe it’s possible to minimise farming’s environmental impact, while maximising profitability. This alignment with nature drives everything they do, including a multi-year study comparing conventional and regenerative farming methodologies. As they learn answers to some of the big questions about farming’s future, they want to actively share them with New Zealand’s farming community.

We were tasked with creating a new website that would provide Align with a platform to publish their findings and engage with the rural sector in a contemporary and interactive way. While also allowing their story to be told in more depth and with more colour.

Our solution is a rich, dynamic experience that balances form with function and purpose with practicality.

Align Farms website homepage picture
Images of the Align Farms website showing mobile and desktop.
Map of Align Farms' locations.
Man walking through farm.
Website image showing regenerative farming information.
Findings of Regenerative Study
Align Farms resources page.
Align Farms website 404 page design.

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