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Curiosity takes you places. It connects you to new cultures, experiences, and people. Led by our own curiosity, we helped bring Usai to market - a premium brand of loose-leaf tea.

Tea brings people together. It connects them through stories of ancient rituals, travel and friends. From the Qing Dynasty to the islands of Japan, it's a story filled with history and ritual. Infused with legends and steeped in culture.

Curiosity finds unexpected connections between opposing forces, and tea has a lot of them. The role of light and shade to create different varieties. Originating in the East and exporting to the West. Old customs integrated into modern life.

Our direction for the brand was inspired by these dualities, in particular the exploration between lightness and darkness.

A clean, contemporary design style elevates the brand to a premium positioning, with thoughtful and considered details at every turn to create subtle moments of discovery, intrigue and delight.

We brought Usai to fruition by developing everything from strategy, story and name through to the brand identity, packaging, website and brand photography.

Every tea has a tale to tell. Discover yours with Usai.

The Tomorrow team were exceptional to deal with, both in terms of their deep expertise, but also, their understanding and support of a start-up venture, and how that differs to larger enterprise clients.

Alex Larsen, Usai Founder


  • Cardboard Engineering - Think
  • Packaging Production - Porter
  • Copywriting - Hello Elo
  • Photography - Josh Harvey
  • Styling - Sam van Kan

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